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Próbki atramentów - wymiana


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Poszukuję próbek atramentów:

    HERBIN Vert de Gris
    COLORVERSE Supernova
    MONTEVERDE Ocean Noir
    KWZ Błękit #5 (Azure #5)

W zamian proponuję próbki z poniższej listy:

    Akkerman Steenrood van Vermeer
    Atrament Pióromaniaka Słone Słońce
    Diamine Asa Blue
    Diamine Jade Green
    Diamine Meadow
    Diamine Ancient Copper
    Diamine Red Dragon
    Diamine Sepia
    Diamine Syrah
    Diamine Onyx Black
    Diamine Oxford Blue
    Diamine Oxblood
    Diamine Chocolate Brown
    Diamine Prussian Blue
    Diamine Alexandrite
    Diamine Writer's Blood
    Diamine Flowers: Pansy
    Diamine Music: Wagner
    Diamine Shimmer: Arctic Blue
    Diamine 150th Anniversary: Safari
    Diamine 150th Anniversary: Terracotta
    Diamine 150th Anniversary: Burgundy Royale
    GvFC Stone Grey
    Inkebara Deer Brown
    J. Herbin Lie de The
    J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor
    J. Herbin Vert Olive
    J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe
    J. Herbin Rouge Grenat
    Kaweco Caramel Brown    
    Krishna Ghat Green
    Krishna Candle Day
    Krishna Bronze Leaf
    KWZ Bordowy
    KWZ Bordowy #2
    KWZ Błękitny #4
    KWZ Stare Złoto
    KWZ Spacer nad Wisłą
    KWZ Wspomnienie znad Bałtyku
    KWZ Zielono-złoty #2
    Monteverde Fireopal
    Monteverde Olivine
    Monteverde Cherry Danish
    Noodler's Midnight Blue
    Noodler's Turquoise
    Noodler's Army Green
    R&K Alt Goldgrun
    R&K Verdigris
    Robert Oster Chartreuse
    Robert Oster Bronze
    Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue
    Robert Oster Sublime
    Sailor Shikiori Okuyama
    Sailor Shikiori Yodaki
    Sailor Studio 970
    Troublemaker Hanging Rice
    TWSBI Orange
    Van Dieman's Underwater: Fire Coral
    Van Dieman's Underwater: Blue Ringed Octopus
    Van Dieman's Underwater: Twilight Zone
    Van Dieman's Wilderness: Eucalyptus Regnans
    Vinta Emerald (Carlos 1960)
    Vinta Sea Kelp (Leyte 1944)
    Vinta Terracotta (Damili 1572)
    Waterman Inspired Blue


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