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Visconti - Golden Man

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Herodotus used to call the nomadic tribes wandering the steppes east of the Ural mountains and the Caspian Sea (in nowadays Kazakhstan territory) ‘griffins - treasurers of the gold ‘. And he was not wrong at all, considering that the fifth century BC mysterious prince Saka has been discovered in his tomb completely covered in gold clothes.


The Golden Man, a dark-identity armed warrior used to adorn himself with thousands of jewels- gems and gold- representing leopards, ibex, winged horses and floral motifs – evidence of the animalistic art used by these nomads, rulers of the Asian steppes, to convey their emotions and their view of the world.


Visconti’ s intention was to create a wonderful pen inspired by the myth of the Golden Man that proposed the same motifs of the Scythian art. We have therefore transposed the Golden Man inspiration into a collection fountain pen in which our skilled goldsmiths have artistically reproduced the magic of the mysterious warrior.


The original colours and naturalistic symbols of the pen will convey to you the same emotions as those of the antique tribes that clothed their princes in solid gold! Add to that the fact that although the tribes inhabited distant lands they reached Europe in their migrations during the fall of the Roman Empire, you will also feel to have contributed to the European Middle Ages history just like the Scythians did.





Materiał udostępniony przez firmię INNER - TOMAR S. C. Importer art. piśmienniczych.

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