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Hello from Hollandii


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I've been collecting pens (mainly Italian brands and Montblancs) for many years and have just expanded my love for pens with my own online shop with pens from Delta and Montegrappa (www.fontoplumo.nl / fontoplumo.nl/shop/en).

I live in the Netherlands, but have lived in Poland for over a year (so speak some Polish) and am married to my beautiful Polish wife (so when I'm writing in Polish, actually she will do the writing ;)).

When I have something new to share I'll post it on the forum (as I just did with the new Montegrappa Brain pen) and my make some other posts or sale now and then.

You can write me in English or Polish and I will answer in the same language.



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At the moment, I have only modern italians by Visconti, Delta and Montegrappa. I'm also interested in vintage, but haven't been able to find some nice vintage Italian pens yet which I bought. Also like Montblanc and than mostly the writers editions (was at the Montblanc factory earlier this year which was a fantastic experience).

My latest pen (a birthday present) was a pen by Montegrappa, Muhammad Ali Icons pen, which I like a lot and the nib just writes fantastic and soft with a bit of flex.

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